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Laserables 1st surface

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Laserables 1st surface



IPI’s ultimate laser engraving series, 55 stock products, in front and reverse engravable versions and a variety of colors and looks. UV-stable for exterior as well as interior use. Laserables have the most durable micro-surface in the industry, . 0025”, which allows user to laser engrave and/or profile cut with superior ease and quality.

Material Specifications:


 Material : Micro-Surfaced impact acrylic for front engraving

 Sheet Size : 24" x 48"

 Thickness : 1/16" or 1/8" , 3-ply 1/16"

 Usage : Interior/Exterior Signage; Personal Identification

 Cutter : Laser Cut or Rotating Carbide

 Cutting Depth : .003"

 Fabrication : Saws, Drills, Heat Bendable,

 Other Features : Bonds, Hot Stamps, Silkscreens, UV-Stable, Permits Fine Detail Engraving