Your one-stop solution for all your display and signage needs.



The modular Indoor signage system breathes elegance and is entirely flexible in its installation. Its simplicity belies its functionality which guarantees efficient and precise information forthe visitor. Its attractive design, while remaining discreet, ensures that it catches the eye and fits in perfectly in every institution or company.


Available either as single or double-sided, they are ideal as desk top signs, or there is the choice of their being suspended or mounted as a wall fitting. We carry a comprehensive stock of profiles which can be supplied either in a mill finish, anodized or power coated. There are two models of desk signs delivered as 31 and 62 mm profiles which offer easy mounting with 31 to 250 end caps. Alusign’s sliding system is also available in 2 designs from 31 to 93 mm, the rounded-off dymo and smooth versions. As with all Alusign products replacing the display or its contents is simplicity in itself.


What better way to guide the visitor to where they need to be than the modular Outdoor system, available in both single and double-sided versions with the added guarantee of being highly durable and weather resistant. With its wide range of panels and sizes, it is the ideal system to ensure both visitors and suppliers know their way. Outdoor is aesthetic and light, yet as strong as steel.


OUTDOOR covers all your outdoor needs in its Outdoor range, Alusign has come up with an extensive range of panel profiles and sizes, ranging from 46 mm through to 60, 100, 150 and 250 mm with inserts from 4 mm to 8 mm. The all-climate weather resistant panels are supplied either in a mill finish, anodized or power coated. Alusign’s Outdoor design solution consists of flat panels with square or rounded posts and aluminum or plastic end caps. The text panels are available either single or double-sided with variable corners


Plato is the flagship of multi-functional signage. The attractive designs fit perfectly into small and larger concepts, be they office information signs or larger signs for directions. Plato also offers the flexibility for you to alter signage information yourself at a moment’s notice. Plato is easy to install and brings years of usage. The benchmark of house signage, Alusign have come up with a timeless design incorporating a clear, curved anodized frame with transparent anti-reflex PVC cover that can be removed with a suction cap. Supplied with designer screws for wall mounting when necessary; no need to remove the tabs.


The ‘must have’ for your wall signage with aluminum profiles and a transparent acryl cover, that can be removed with a suction cap, ranging from 75 through 105, 150, 210 to 300 mm. This contemporary and attractive model can be fitted both vertically and horizontally on any wall with the added benefit that all the sections click together. Once affixed to the wall there’s no need to remove the end caps to alter your message. As with all Alusign products, innovation and flexibility rule.


With its wide and versatile range, Totem gives you visibility and communication all in one. Built to resist the strongest winds and all kinds of weather, its static strength is both imposing and impressive. Above all it remains an elegant tool to further promote your company or identity. GLOBE profiles come in three sizes, 85, 135 and 180 mm and thorough research guarantees resistance to all kinds of weather. The system can be used with aluminum composite panels with single and double-sided illuminated signs. Full column visibility is handled by the dibox in combination with aluminum plates, which gives a solid and impressive impression. As always, the whole range of profiles are in stock and can be supplied in mill finish, anodized or in a power coated finish.


Using two TOTEM CLAMS, with a diameter of 60 or 90 mm, you can transform your Outdoor system to grant you extra visibility. The Totem clams can be linked to one another using 2 to 6 mm plates that results in an attractive, easy on the eye column.

PYLONE’s single profiles in the shape of airplane wings range from 180 through 270 to 400 mm and have the benefit of there being no assembly required. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. The beauty of Pylone is that it can be used both for signposting as well as an advertising tool.