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LaserTuff' with Attitude!
Laser TuffTex’s textured skin allows detailed engraving on material that is tough enough for the most demanding tasks. This material is perfect for fine line engraving and shows little or no scratches. Durable and resistant to fingerprints, Laser TuffTex works well for industrial environments and high traffic areas.

Material Specifications:


 Material : Laminated, UV Stable, Impact Acrylic

 Sheet Size : 24 "x 48"

 Thickness : . 2-ply - 1/16"

 Usage : Control panels, legend plates, Interior/Exterior Signage; Personal Identification

 Cutter : Laser Cut or Rotating Carbide

 Cutting Depth : .005"

 Fabrication : Saws, Drills, Heat Bendable,

 Other Features : I Bonds, Hot Stamps, Silkscreens, UV-Stable, Permits Fine Detail Engraving