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For displaying brochures, newspapers, magazines or flyers using magazine stands.



Magazine racks provide the perfect spot for magazine overflow, allowing you to organize your collection in style. There are many different styles, sizes and types to choose from; consider your personal tastes and available room in your preferred place (i.e. home, office, supermarket, mall, showroom, newspaper stands) to determine which magazine rack will work best for you. 


Think about how many magazines you’ll be storing as well as where you plan to place the rack. An over-stuffed magazine rack will lose its luster, so be sure you find one that has ample space to display your collection. However, don’t get one that’s too big for the space, it should be in proximity to the surrounding furniture. 


There are different kinds from which you can choose:


  • Magazine stand
  • Foldable Magazine Rack
  • Newspaper Stand
  • LED Display Rack
  • Advertising Display (Single sided & Double sided)


Take a look at our attached catalogue for the measurements of these display/magazine stands.


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