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UHOO provides badges, ID cards, lanyards, card holders, card stands and much more. Read on to find out.



UHOO specializies in comprehensive office stationery such as ID Card, Pen Holder, Badges, Lanyards, Storage Bag and much more. 

Badges often contain the insignia of an organization, which is presented or displayed to indicate some feat of service, a special accomplishment, a symbol of authority granted by taking an oath (e.g., police and fire), a sign of legitimate employment or student status, or as a simple means of identification. They are also used in advertising, publicity, and for branding purposes. Nowadays there are other means of showing identification that is through identification cards or commonly known as ID cards. UHOO provides ID cards and badges in different colors and different sizes. Card holders and card stands are also popular ways of displaying a person's name or can be used for advertising brands, products and much more. Not only that, UHOO also provides storage bags and purses for fashionable ways to carry around your most needed items. These can also be conventionally used for methods of advertising and branding.

To find out about our available sizes, download the UHOO catalogue and give us a call for your stationery needs.