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Aluminium display frames in architectural, designer, flex and premier, as well as introducing our traditional, premier and decorative frames.



Traditional holders for desks, counters, walls and doors enhance the signs that serve you daily.

All nameplate and sign holders are available with:


  • Sign holders for the door or wall are available in many stock sizes and lengths.
  •  Highly polished and anodized in Polished Rose Gold or Polished Silver.


Five available lines and styles:


  •  Desk Holders
  •  Counter Desk Bases
  •  Wall and Corridor Brackets
  •  Multiple Sign Holders
  •  Multiple Wall Brackets


Specialty requirements for room identification and control are accomplished with these unique frames. They feature built-in changeable messages, magnetic changeable signs and frames with dividers. Frames can also be made into unique desk bars.


Architectural sign frames are fabricated from continuous aluminum extrusion from 1/16” or 1/8” wall thickness. They come in square corners or four variations of radius corners (3/8",1/2", 9/16", or 13/16"). Frames can also be fabricated to form simple and complex directory message signs. Nine anodized finishes: Polished Rose Gold, Polished Yellow Gold, Polished Silver, Arch Bronze, JRS Bronze, Matte Black, Satin Rose Gold, Satin Yellow Gold, and Satin Silver. Seven handsome powder coat finishes: Medium Gray, Pewter (light gray), Black, White, Almond, Brown, and Arch Brown.


Architectural Frames in Molded Plastic is a round and square corner system designed for quality interior signage; molded in one of 7 matte colors: Gray, Almond, White, Brown, Arch Brown, Medium Gray and Black. All frames have a 1/2" outside depth, 1/8" thick walls, and mounting holes for attaching to walls.


Each frame is designed to accommodate all sign material from 1/16" to 1/8" thick, or its own plastic snap in plate.


Matte clear acrylic based lenses are laser cut to snap in and out of anodized aluminum frames, round or square cornered. Lenses can be screen printed, and have tactile or Braille mounted to them while exposing a paper graphic. Available in nine anodized finishes: Polished Rose Gold, Polished Yellow Gold, Polished Silver, Arch Bronze, JRS Bronze, Matte Black, Satin Silver, Satin Rose Gold, and Satin Yellow Gold. Frames have 1/8" wall thickness, 1/2" outside depth with a 1/8" Masonite backer. Lenses snap in and out with the aid of a suction cup placed in the center of the lens (must be purchased separately). Dividers are used to make multi-lens compartments. Special matte black dividers can be used to make compartments under a single lens. Frames can be made to accommodate paper and 1/32", 1/16", or 1/8" sign material.


The Prestige Collection is architectural sign supports that are a simple yet classical manner in which to fixture signage, while maintaining a high degree of sophistication. The collection includes two sizes manufactured from either brass or aluminum, and is available in thirteen (4 brass, 9 aluminum) rich colors. Standard colors: Aluminum: satin silver, polished silver, polished Rose Gold, Matte black, Polished yellow gold. Brass: Polished chrome, satin chrome, polished gold, and satin Yellow.


Typical Uses for Prestige Signs


  • Interior Signage Fixture
  •  Personnel ID Signs
  •  Departmental ID Signs
  •  Directional Signs
  •  Informational or Regulatory Signs
  •  Building Directory