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The deep, rich feel of nature’s most durable stones, carefully recreated in six vibrant colors on a clear acrylic substrate for a truly grand appearance. Gemstones were designed specifically for reverse laser or rotary applications and engrave absolutely clear for the brightest, sharpest color filling possible.

Material Specifications:


 Material : .001" Micro-surfaced impact acrylic for reverse engraving

 Sheet Size : 12" x 24"

 Thickness : 2-ply, 1/16"

 Usage : Interior Signage; Personal Identification; Recognition

 Cutter : Laser, rotating carbide

 Cutting Depth : .003"

 Fabrication : Shear; Saws, Drills, Heat Bendable, Can be beveled.

 Other Features : Designed for reverse engraving. Engraves "clear" for bright and easy color filling. Bonds; Hotstamps; Silkscreens. Permits fine detailed engraving. Color fill with acrylic water-based paints or IPI Acryfil only.