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Terms and Conditions of Sale

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Terms and Conditions of Sale

The following terms and conditions apply to all sales between our company, ADS and you as the buyer. By placing an order with us, you hereby accept the terms contained within this document. We may change these terms without prior notice to you. These terms shall prevail over any terms put out by you, unless we agree in writing. No employees, agent or contractor of ours may vary or add to these terms without the prior written authority of our Managing Director.

During the course of time, we may change our range of goods or services without notice. We reserve the right to accept, decline an order, supply in part or full. All quotations made by us will not be binding until we have received acceptance from you by issue of order confirmation. All quotations are valid for the service or items covered in the quotation and not associated on others. An order after acknowledgement cannot be cancelled prior to obtaining our written consent. On such a cancellation there will likely be a charge to cover the cost of any work in progress or expenses incurred in attempting to fulfill the order before cancellation.

We will invoice all orders at our current prices, which may alter without notice to you. The price of the products is stated in the quotation. We are entitled to adjust the price if the total costs for the manufacture of the goods have been increased by circumstances beyond our control such as increase in exchange rate, raw materials etc.

Property of the Company
All goods remain under the sole property of ADS, until payment has been made in full, either to us or to our authorized representative.

Payment must be made in advance for the price of the goods or services set out on the order confirmation unless we have approved extended terms of payment. In addition, if payment is overdue we may cancel or suspend delivery of other goods or services yet to be delivered to you. Under no circumstances shall the buyer be allowed to withhold the payment as security for possible claims by the buyer against ADS.

Time of Delivery
Delivery times are estimates only and we do not guarantee a particular delivery date or time. The delivery date is set accordingly from the date the order is received and all necessary information is provided including payment. Under no circumstances shall we undertake any liability for delayed delivery, including liability for any special, incidental, punitive, indirect or consequential damages.

All transportation of goods supplied shall be effected at your own expense. In the event of request for transportation, it can be provided by us at your expense.

Our liability is limited to the cost of the product and is not inclusive of the cost of any other charges. We shall not be liable to or responsible for any consequential damages whatsoever, including but not limited to any damage or loss resulting from delay or default in delivery due to any cause. We shall be liable for personal injury only if it is proved that such injury was caused by negligence on our part.

Under no circumstances shall ADS be held liable for damage to commercial property, loss of production, loss of profit or any other consequential damage and indirect loss. Neither can we be held liable to pay compensation due to accidental delay or delay caused by negligence.

Certain goods might be subject to regulations which prohibit their export to certain countries. You shall not export or re-export, directly or indirectly, the goods or technical data related thereto, without first complying with all applicable export control regulations of any jurisdiction to which the buyer or the goods are subject, including, without limitation, obtaining necessary export or re-export consents from relevant authorities. You shall be responsible for any damage, loss, liability or expense that ADS may incur as a result of the buyer’s failure to comply with this clause.

In the event of any defects in manufacturing of equipment/machinery, 1 year warranty is guaranteed from the date of delivery. Warranty on hardware covers only manufacturing defects. Any equipment failure caused by improper use or accidents such as dropping the equipment, improper voltage applied to the equipment etc. are not covered under warranty. Warranty does not cover the support required on application side. Repairs outside the warranty period will be quoted for after a thorough inspection of the equipment/machinery.

Installation and Service Calls
During installation of machinery/equipment, offloading facility is to be provided including manpower, forklift etc. at the place of delivery. Service engineers shall not undertake the labor jobs. Workplace is to be ready for installation with necessary electrical connection near to the equipment. Masonry and electrical work are not the scope of our job.

Service calls will be attended within 24 working hours within the warranty or after warranty period, working hours are from 9am to 1pm & 2pm to 6pm, Sunday to Thursday. Technical service will not be available on holidays and after working hours.

*This document was last updated on June 10th, 2014.