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Heavy Metal

New Perspectives in Sign Materials

Heavy Metal



HEAVY METAL brings to you the elegant look and dazzling finishes of such exotic new colors as Steel Blue Brush, Nickel Brush, Copper Brush, Amber Brush, Tahitian Bronze and Brushed Brass, all in the most laser-friendly formulation in the industry. (Also rotary engravable.) 

Dare to stand out - try the ultimate laser engraving experience of the Laser Shop products by Innovative Plastics,
especially our exciting new Heavy Metals. They will rock your world!

Material Specifications:

 Material : Micro-Surfaced (.001") high impact acrylic for front engraving

 Sheet Size : 24" x 48"

 Thickness : 1/16"

 Usage : Interior Signage; Personal Identification

 Cutter : Laser Cut or Rotating Carbide

 Cutting Depth : .003"

 Fabrication : Saws, Drills, Heat Bendable

 Other Features : Bonds, Hot Stamps, Silkscreens, Permits Fine Detail Engraving; UV stable (as noted by ** only)