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LaserTuff's top color surface is a unique, 100% acrylic multi-polymer, .003 thick as opposed to the normal .001 foiled (ink-based) surfaces currently being produced within our industry, including by IPI. While foiled laserable products work great for most applications, only the LaserTuff series fills the need for a product that can be lasered and still meet demanding project requirements for long-term durability, wear, impact and fade resistance, as well as cleanability.

Material Specifications:


 Material : Laminated, UV Stable, Impact Acrylic

 Sheet Size : 24 "x 48"

 Thickness : . 2-ply - 1/16" , 3-ply 1/16" and 1/8"

 Usage : Control panels, legend plates, Interior/Exterior Signage; Personal Identification

 Cutter : Laser Cut or Rotating Carbide

 Cutting Depth : .005"

 Fabrication : Saws, Drills, Heat Bendable,

 Other Features : I Bonds, Hot Stamps, Silkscreens, UV-Stable, Permits Fine Detail Engraving