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Sign Fixing has never been easier.


Sign Fix Studs

Our selection of sign fix studs for cut out letters the "Sign Fix" system is used for the installation of letters in relief. No drilling or obviously visible screws on the face of the letters. The system is very simple and quick to use.


Sign Fix Studs can be secured without problems by using our Sign Fix adhesive for all letters made from acrylic or expanded PVC, or, by using our 2 component adhesive for letters out of aluminum, brass, stainless or multi layer aluminum enamel.


The weight of each stud depends on the conditions of use. To avoid unnecessary tension it is advisable to avoid over tightening of the body support.

5 Easy Steps - How to Use Sign Fix Studs


1. Using adhesive place the Head support on the back of the letters.


2. Place the letter against the template and use pressure to mark placement of pilot holes.


3. Place template and drill appropriately.


4. Attach Body ends in correct positions.


5. Securely Snap the letters into place using slight pressure.