Double-Sided Adhesive and Foam Tapes


Double-Sided Adhesive Tapes

A standout solution when an easy to use, quick tack, high shear adhesive tape is needed for bonding to a wide range of substrates. Manufactured with premium polyester or UPVC carriers and coated with pressure sensitive acrylic or rubber adhesives, these tapes are easy to apply and durable. 

The benefits include:

• Resistant to aging, solvent, hot and cold temperature and chemicals

• Adheres to low surface energy substrates

• Plasticizer migration resistance

• Transparency for application convenience

• UL compliant

Double-Sided Foam Tapes

The optimal, cost-effective solution when an indoor and outdoor tape is required. Coated with specially formulated solvent rubber or solvent acrylic adhesives, these tapes can adhere to uneven contact surfaces and withstand wide temperature variations as well as resist weathering and UV for temporary or permanent bonding. 

The benefits include:

• Offers high shear strength

• Tack for secure bonding applications

• Allows excellent adhesion to irregular and contoured surfaces