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Two Component Epoxy for Casting


Hard Epoxy

JC832 is a two component epoxy for casting. This resin exhibits high transparent and low yellowing properties. This product is a recommended resin for many applications. This resin exhibits good handling, chemical resistance and perfect surface gloss. It is well suited for electronic devices and plastics casting.




1. This product has low viscosity, good fluidity and good handle properties for casting.

2. The color and low yellowing properties of this product surpasses conventional plasticized epoxy.

3. The hardener of this product which is exposed to air will not yield an insoluble, whitish solid.

4. The hardened surface will not exhibit a surface oiliness and poor gloss.

5. This product complies to the 2002/ 95EC RoHS regulations.

Soft Epoxy

JD162-30 is flexible two component epoxy. This resin exhibits greasy resistance, chemical and solvent resistance. It is suitable for electronic devices and plastics potting. The crack and fatigue resistance of this product are outstanding in many vibrational applications. This resin has better yellowing resistance than any other epoxy. The uniqueness of this product provides properties that surpasses conventional flexible epoxy systems.




1. This resin has no volatile materials and will not release any toxic volatilizations.

2. This product is solvent-free two component epoxy.

3. This resin has low viscosity, good handling properties and excellent fluidity.

4. The hardening surface will not exhibit a surface oiliness and poor gloss.

5. This product exhibits excellent tranparency.

6. This resin has perfect surface gloss.

7. This product exhibits excellent toughness and low thermal stress.

8. This resin complies to the 2011/ 65/EU RoHS regulations.