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Intelligent cutting solutions for your CNC router



Our range of knife system includes four different types of knives: Drag knives, Oscillating knives and Rotation blades.

We specialize in providing advice in cutting process, and the development and distribution of quality and precision blades made ??of hard metal. The latest sintering and grinding technologies are employed to manufacture our high precision knives; highly automated processes ensure cost efficiency and profitability for our customers. To ensure our high quality standard, we use laser and optical systems as permanent quality control. With the high-class carbide, we achieve long durability and perfect cutting results. Due to this unique carbide, these high precision cutting tools are established in several industries worldwide, e.g. packaging, graphics, leather and textile, as well as composite.



Drag Knives are being used in industry and by hobbyists to cut foil, cardboard, carpet, composite materials and much more. Whether you want to perform delicate veneer inlay work or cut out cardboard boxes with your CNC router, we have a tool right for the job.


Oscillating Knives are also helpful in cutting carpet, leather, foam and composite materials when integrated with a CNC router. They can cut semi-rigid materials.


Rotation Blades are useful for cutting of different materials such as textiles, glass fibre, PE.