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READY Laser Rubber

Rubber for laser engraving.

READY Laser Rubber



New READY Eco line laser rubber is entirely made of natural components. High quality laser rubber, used for stamp production by engraving and cutting by CO2 laser. Ready laser Rubber can be laser-engraved and cut  to produce high-quality stamps. It has a high resistance to alcohol and water inks with outstanding engraving and impression quality.


Available in A4 size, Thickness - 2.3mm
Color - Green
Hardness - 53 +/- 3 Shore



- Free of smell
- Eco-friendly, natural laser rubber perfectly harmonizes with green line printers and wooden handles.
- Perfect for stamp production, can also be used in special environments, like hospitals or labs
- To preserve the complete image of environmentally friendly product, it is packed onlyin natural recycled cartons.




The unique no smell laser rubber is intended to make work easier and more pleasant. This kind of rubber doesn't emit any smell while it is being engraved. Working with this rubber will cause no nuisance for the neighbourhood or laser operator.


Available in A4 size, Thickness - 2.3mm
Color - Grey
Hardness - 60 Shore
53 +/- 3 Shore



- Lack of smell
- High resistance to alcohol and water - based inks can be engraved and cut with any type of CO2 laser
- Suitable for any type of stamp mounts
- Suitable for single - colour and multi-color stamps
- Outstanding engraving and impression quality