A cutting tool’s best friend!


  • Eliminate flood coolant treatment and disposal
  • Produce dry chips with higher recycling value
  • Apply ounces per day instead of gallons
  • Eliminate carbide tool thermal shock
  • Eliminate flood coolant mess
  • Increase production rates
  • Improve surface finish
  • Extend tool life


With Minimum Quantity Lubrication, it’s important to apply the proper amount of lubricant for each machining operation. The design of the Unist Coolubricator™ assures consistent fluid delivery with an adjustable positive displacement pump and a precision air metering adjustment. The correct quantity of lubricant and air can easily be “dialed in” to achieve the perfect spray for each application. It is not only the adjustability and precision of the Unist Coolubricator™ that keeps our customers satisfied, but also our unrivaled quality. Unist products are built to provide years of service in tough, industrial environments.