The ultimate DIY machine.


The Silhouette CurioTM is the world’s first complete hobby machine. It can cut, emboss, sketch, stipple, and etch. It also boasts a rich mix of innovative features including a dual carriage, an adjustable base and a raised clearance bar. Like other Silhouette tools, the Curio is driven by powerful Silhouette Studio® software and the Silhouette Design Store.


The Silhouette CurioTM is the ultimate DIY machine. This machine is more than a cutting tool. It can cut, emboss, sketch, stipple, and etch—it’s like a Swiss Army knife for your craft room. Unlock powerful new creative capabilities like Print & Emboss, Score & Emboss, and deep cut*. Curio allows you to unleash Silhouette Studio® software to its fullest potential with new features like stipple tracing and dual carriage tasks. The Curio is the ultimate companion tool to our other cutting tools because of the new ways you can create with it. Our Portrait and CAMEO are pure cutting machines. Unlike the Curio, they allow for matless cutting and are able to cut rolled materials. In addition, the CAMEO boasts a 12-inch cutting width whereas the Curio provides a maximum 8.5-inch by 12-inch cutting surface*. We have no plans to discontinue our Portrait or CAMEO cutting tools.


The Curio’s maximum workspace is 8.5 inches by 12 inches (Curio large base sold separately). The standard base that comes with the Curio provides a maximum work space of 8.5 inches by 6 inches. The Silhouette CurioTM includes an optic scanner that can read and utilize registration marks for Print & Cut jobs. The Curio can be used in the following applications unlike other Silhouette electronic cutting tools:

  • Metal and foil stippling 
  • Metal etching 
  • Dual carriage multitasking (multiple tasks in one pass) 
  • Embossing 
  • Score & Emboss 
  • Print & Emboss 
  • Deep-cut capabilities* (leather, foils, foams, and more) 
  • Using thicker materials as project surfaces (example: stencils sketched directly onto wood up to 5mm thick)


Similar to other Silhouette cutting machines, the Curio can cut fabric when using fusible fabric stabilizers. For more information, read our FAQ on Silhouette Curio.