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BML-FP Fiber Laser Series

Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine


The BML-FP series is a portable fiber laser marking machine that has 6 best advantages:


  • High quality laser beam: The diameter of focal spot is not over 20 um.
  • High speed marking: Special laser head for high-speed scanning
  • Low consumption: About 0.5kw for the whole machine
  • Long lifetime: More than 100,000 hours life for the laser source.
  • Portable: Easy to carry!
  • 2 years warranty!



The BML-FP series uses


  1. Aluminium alloy buttons that are attractive in design, durable in use. 
  2. Field lens from the U.S.A
  3. SCANLAB galvanometer from Germany
  4. Indicates the focal length : 276mm
  5. Easy-focusing device : Bodor's patented design
  6. Filter : Prevent signal interference
  7. Cooling fan : Takes away the heat generated by machine at work, ensuring safety and prolong lifetime of the machine.
  8. Aluminium alloy fastenings : Nicely shaped design, durable in use.
  9. Handle : Buckle design, reduces the occupancy of space, easy to carry.
  10. Manual adjustable work table : Conveniently focused


For more information on technical specifications of the BML-FP series, you can take a look at the catalogue.